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Advanced Open Source Intelligence Gathering Course

An Updated Syllabus for 2019/20 is now available for download.
    Course Description

    This course focuses on the investigators ability to gather information on people, groups or companies from the Internet. Rather than just using ‘advanced’ Google searches and other web sites we will be leveraging the tools available to look ‘under the surface’ of the internet, building data scrapers for the likes of Twitter, Facebook and others, ‘dark net’ data collection methods and other areas rarely taught.

    The 4-day course is completely hands-on and will teach a range of skills from staying anonymous, setting up false online identities, extracting data without using a ‘web site’, collating the data using Maltego and graphing and visualizing data both historical and in real-time.

    We have seeded the Internet with the false identities of subjects that we will be investigating on the course. The final exam will pit your new skills against the online world as you work to discover all you can about a person, their friends and what they are planning to do!

    Other advanced Open Source courses are available, but not like this.

    Course cost - From £1850 + VAT

    Forthcoming Dates

    December 7th - 10th 2020
    Live Online

    Building data maps using Maltego

    Building data maps using Maltego


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    December 7th to 10th 2020


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