Blockchain investigations are made far simpler with the use of visualisation and address attribution databases. The Chainalysis Reactor tool provides an investigator with the ability to visualise and graph blockchain data, whilst simultaneously identifying known addresses and clusters.

The Chainalysis Reactor Certification (CRC) provides practitioners with the knowledge and skills to analyse and trace transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. This course is taught live online over 2 days.

In addition to being a Gold Tier Chainalysis training partner, one of our lead investigators, Luke Russell, brings his extensive knowledge of the Chainalysis Reactor tool to this training, by drawing on his own expertise from numerous cryptocurrency investigations, covering a wide range of areas, from simple thefts to complex fraud, from scams to dark web investigations

Chainalysis Reactor Certification Objectives:

  • Understand Bitcoin transaction fundamentals
  • Conduct transaction analysis and recognize key patterns
  • Trace the origin and destination of bitcoin
  • Evaluate different categories of actors in the ecosystem
  • Apply techniques to identify services on the Bitcoin Blockchain
  • Leverage open-source intelligence (OSINT)
  • Solve real-world case studies using a full-spectrum of techniques
  • Learn how mixers operate and how to identify them
  • Understand the process of subpoena requests and responses


  • Reactor Essentials training and/or frequent Reactor usage
  • Understanding of Bitcoin transactions

2 Day Course – Cost: £500 + VAT

Forthcoming Dates

April 4th to 5th 2022
Live Online

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    April 4th to 5th 2022


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