In May 2018 Nick Furneaux – MD of CSITech –  published his “Investigating Cryptocurrencies” book, which still remains to be the first and only book on the subject. Since then, cryptocurrencies have revolutionised the world of online transactions and contracts. 
Our courses give investigators, cyber, financial or otherwise, the skills and tools needed to investigate crimes that involve cryptocurrencies.

We currently offer four training courses:


An introduction to cryptocurrencies and how to investigate them. Designed for those with little or no experience in cryptocurrency.

A natural follow on from the foundation course, diving into alt coins and advanced tracking techniques. Designed for experienced cryptocurrency investigators

A days course on how to extract cryptocurrency artifacts from disk and/or memory. Designed for DF investigators

An in depth look at the Chainalysis Reactor tool. Designed for investigators using the Reactor tool wishing to become certified
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