Training RAM Analysis in Switzerland

Training Swiss class, people concentrating (during a RAM Analysis course)

At CSITech, we train what we do. We have had great success in our investigations using a variety of tools and techniques to get the results we need during our training courses. Our courses teach you how to use these tools and techniques, and how to adapt them to your needs. CSITech is well known for its world-class training courses.  In the past 6 years we have trained representatives of every law enforcement agency in the UK and others from 10 different countries. Our Advanced RAM analysis course and Open Source Intelligence Course is now open to individuals and companies. As we tend to focus on more advanced topics and techniques please check the suitability of your existing knowledge if you are concerned before you book. We currently teach:
  • Advanced Live Forensics and RAM Analysis
  • Advanced Open Source Intelligence Gathering
  • Cryptocurrencies for Investigators
  • WIFI Exploitation - U.K Government approved law enforcement agencies only
  • Specialist courses - please contact
  • Some of our courses are available on our online learning portal: CSILearn

Below is a list of our up and coming scheduled courses

  • June 14th to 17th 2021 Advanced Open Source Intelligence

    Advanced Open Source Intelligence - June 14th to 17th 2021 - Live Online
    From £1850 + VAT
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  • July 12th to 14th 2021 Cryptocurrencies for Investigators

    Cryptocurrencies for Investigators - July 12th to 14th 2021 - Live Online
    From £1550 + VAT
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  • September 6th to 9th 2021 Advanced Memory Analysis

    Advanced Memory Analysis - September 6th to 9th 2021 - Live Online
    From £1650 + VAT
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