Digital Forensics

CSITech run by Nick Furneaux has 10 years experience in Digital Forensics including the investigation of computer crime for both the defence and prosecution. Nick also has considerable experience preparing reports for, and giving evidence in Court.

Digital Forensics - keys being pressed

Someone typing ‘forensic’ type things!

Cases investigated include:-

  • Murder
  • Assault
  • Child protection
  • Fraud
  • Circumvention of copyright protection

Investigations are carried out using a variety of software tools but always within the guidelines set down by the UK’s Association of Chief Police Officers.

CSITech will consider requests to investigate evidence on behalf of either the Defence or Prosecution

Live Investigations

CSITech have been involved from the start in defining processes and tools for the investigation of computer evidence on running machines.  This could be useful in a critical corporate environment when an email server cannot be shut down, covert situations and simply to ensure that certain evidence is not missed.  This may include live disk imaging and the acquisition and analysis of RAM.