About CSITech

CSITech is a world-class Computer Forensics and Security company run by specialist Nick Furneaux. CSITech offers computer forensic investigations and investigating of cryptocurrencies. Also training and development of specific tools for the forensic and law enforcement community are offered.  We also provide high-end security consultancy including physical and technical perimeter testing.

CSITech Ltd logoCSITech are also well known for their role in defining and creating procedures and tools for both live data acquisition and covert capabilities. We offer products and training to assist both Corporate Investigation and Law Enforcement teams in this area. We also work operationally with a number of different Agencies where needed.

Nick is especially well known for his leading edge training, especially in Live forensics, RAM Analysis, WIFI exploitation and Advanced Open Source Intelligence gathering techniques.
The company works closely with our sister organisation, Bright Forensics in the UK and other computer forensic and software companies around the world.

This site offers a brief overview of the capabilities, training courses and product offerings that are available. If there is anything else you think we might be able to help with, give us a call!


I have considered publishing some glowing quotes about the awesomeness of CSITech but it always looks a little tacky!  You can take my word for it that the likes of the MET Police, UK Government, Dutch Police, Swedish Police, Vodafone, Virgin Media and many others have written very nice things about us.  Statements included words such as – World Class – Best Training – Unique skills – Lovely chaps, and so on!