Welcome to the new CSITech web site

It's the 'Home' button from an iPhone.  Trying to be imaginative!

It’s the ‘Home’ button from an iPhone. Trying to be imaginative!

After many years in the planning and execution (otherwise to be interpreted as a lackadaisical attitude to getting it done) we have at last launched a new web site.  Its all based around WordPress to make it easier to edit and publish and I have been very impressed at the ease to which you can build and work on the site.  The downside is that there is a very good chance that a new WordPress vulnerability will be found in the next year which will ensure that I end up as part of a vast Pharmaceutical BotNet.  Every silver-lining has a cloud!

The site is rather simple and highlights the things we do to earn a living.  It also, rather vitally, lists all the upcoming courses we teach along with a downloadable syllabus, costs and dates.  Each course page also allows you to request booking of places.  In the next few months I hope to be able to launch a calendar page with online payments too.

My blog will also move here from nickfurneaux.blogspot.com so bookmark the page for updates.  Each blog post will also have a Tweet notification so please remember to follow @nickfx.

Thanks to Zane Clements for helping me put the site together.

I hope that the following 2 minutes that you spend perusing the site will be a good use of your life!

Nick Furneaux